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Go Kart Chest Protector Carbon Kevlar Fiber Rib Vest

High-tensile polyamide Kevlar

GO KART RIB VEST - Carbon Kevlar Fiber

A high-performance, lightweight, ergonomically constructed guard for the ribs and kidneys.

Our NEW DESIGN Rib Support incorporates intelligent adjustment features to offer kart drivers a supremely comfortable, customised and supporting fit.


  • Technical, multi-layered main construction for optimized performance fit, protection and comfort.
  • Comfort: Advanced, soft shock absorbing foam inner lining, means protection can be worn under or over garment.
  • Impact & vibration performance: High-tensile aramide fibres, such as Kevlar®, ensure high durability as well as temperature stability in combination with a high level of clothing comfort.  

Durability: External dernier Cordura® outer for high resistance to abrasion.

Protection: Dual-density, strategically positioned, ergonomically shaped protectors incorporate high-tensile polyamide, Kevlar® core and robust PE outer for excellent impact and shock dispersion.

Light: Incorporates specially selected materials and components to offer crucial weight-saving performance.

XSMALL - 31-36 inch
SMALL - 34-38 inch
MEDIUM - 38-41 inch
LARGE - 40-44 inch