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Nardi Neo Grinta Suede Black Stitching 350mm Steering Wheel

Suede Leather
Black Stitching
SKU: 6497.35.2094BS

Nardi-Personal NEO GRINTA Suede Black Stitching 350mm Steering Wheel

  • Custom Black Cross Sitching
  • Black Suede Leather
  • Black Spokes
  • Silver Emblem Personal Horn Button
  • 350mm diameter

This is a 'Custom' made Steering wheel that we have made especially by NARDI-PERSONAL and is NOT available as on 'off the shelf' item. 

Features the Nardi logo on the horn button and Nardi signature is engraved in the spokes. 
Nardi has been developing the highest quality steering wheels since 1932. 
Nardi has distinguished itself as a premium aftermarket accessories manufacturer, with many parts featured as OEM upgrades for performance sports cars. 

Each Nardi steering wheel comes with its very own individual serial number. 
You can verify the Authenticity of the steering wheel purchased by typing your serial number into the Nardi website. 

**We are the authorised Australian distributor for Nardi-Personal products** 
We can supply you any of the range from NARDI-Personal, just email us your enquiry.

The love for details...each steering wheel is handmade.
Tradition & Innovation a new way of tasting the pleasure of driving.

*Please note the wheel is not supplied with Horn Retainer Ring or Alan Key bolts, as these are supplied with the 'Steering Boss Kit'. See links below:
1. Nardi Screw Set
2. Nardi Horn Retainer Ring