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Stilo ST5F Naked Composite Helmet

Fulll visor and Snell 2015 certification.
fiberglass – kevlas MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber)
SKU: AA0710AF2Msz

Stilo ST5F Naked Composite Helmet

This composite model of the ST5F Naked is a clean and simple example of the ST5 Helmet, featuring a sealing full visor and Snell 2015 certification.

The ST5F Naked Composite is a cost-efficient option for Kart drivers and track environments where integrated side-ports for electronics and hydration are not required.

Carrying a Snell 2015 rating, this helmet features all the same high-performance safety features found in Stilo products, and is available with HANS posts fitted if required, ready for integration with Head and Neck restraint systems.

Helmet comes fitted with a 3mm clear visor that seals with the helmet body,


How to measure your head for Sizing

Measure your head as shown in listing picture, around the widest part of your head. This is generally right above your eyebrows and ears. If you plan on wearing a Balaclava (we suggest it), you should measure your head with it on.

We have significantly better results with a flexible tape measure, but if one is not available you can use a string to measure your head, and then transfer that to your measuring device.