1.0kg Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

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1.0 kg ABE dry powder fire extinguisher.
Perfect for racing (Complies with Motorsport Australia / CAMS requirements as per Schedule H) or multipurpose use like in your tow vehicle and or trailer.

Each Automobile in an Event as detailed, except where noted in specific Group/category/class regulations,
must be equipped with a fire extinguisher which complies with the following conditions.
Halon extinguishers (1201 or 1311, including BCF) are not permitted under civil legislation.
NOTE: A hand-held or plumbed-in extinguisher has a primary purpose of providing an extinguishant that will
extend the period of time to enable the extrication of the automobile occupant/s in the event of a fire.

(a) Each hand-held fire extinguisher must be secured using a metal bracket attached to the Automobile
with only high tensile bolts or equivalent fasteners and/or sufficient clamp/s and must remain
restrained under a deceleration or acceleration of 25g; and
(b) Must be capable of removal by the driver (or crew, where applicable) while seated in their normal
respective position for competition with safety harness unfastened, unless varied by specific category
regulations, and without the aid of tools

Comes complete with a steel mounting bracket.

Meets Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 1841.5