12mm X 1.25mm 14.3, 63mm Long Wheel Stud

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M12 x 1.25 WHEEL STUDS 63mm Long

63mm LONG 12mm x 1.25mm - 14.3 Spline Diameter

Carbo nitride .003"/.005" Harden & temper to give core to >T= quality. Oil dip finish.

  • Part Number:  SS41
  • Spline Diameter:  14.3mm
  • Thread Sizing:  M12 x 1.25
  • Stud Length (fitted):  55mm

The only long metric fine competition wheel studs available from Tas Autosport, suitable for Nissan and Subaru and many other vehicles.Suitable for many Japanese vehicles like Subaru, Nissan and Toyota, as well as many others. With more threads per inch, technically using a finer threaded stud offers a more secure fastening.

Ideal if you have wheels with a deeper centre hub or in conjunction with wheel spacers. 

They feature an M12 x 1.25mm pitch thread, with a 63mm length from the underside of the head to the top of the thread. The splined section at the base of the stud, the part that is pressed into your hubs, has a 14.3mm diameter.

  • Longer 63mm length, can be shortened or use open nuts.
  • High tensile hardened steel suitable for Motorsport use

*Listing is for One stud only. Listing picture showing two studs is for reference only.