AeroCatch Plus Flush Non Locking Kit Bonnet Fasterner

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120-2000 Plus Flush Non-Locking Kit

AeroCatch® 120 Series

AeroCatch® Bonnet/Hood Pins are leading the way in style, functionality and aerodynamics in the 21st century. 

The 120 Series offers modern aerodynamic styling combined with light weight, high strength construction, making it a popular choice across a variety of motorsport applications. 

With a large selection of distributors in the UK and across the globe, AeroCatch® are the bonnet/hood pin of choice for many professional motor racing teams, the tuning scene and car enthusiasts.

Available in a 'Black' or 'Carbon Look' finish, this series also offers both locking and non-locking options.

Each kit contains all the necessary components to fit immediately and a cardboard template to assist with panel preparation.

Selection Tips from the manufacturer:

- Got a lot of value under your bonnet/hood? We recommend opting for a locking kit to act as a deterrent to the opportunist thief.

- Need quick access? We recommend opting for the non-locking version...just pop the button & lift the handle. 


120-2000 kit contents:

  • QuantityComponent
  • 2x AeroCatch® (Black)
  • 2x Nut Fixing Plates
  • 2x Red Aluminium Strikes
  • 2x Rubber Bump Stops
  • 1x AeroCatch® Fastener Kit
  • 1x AeroCatch® Arrow Sticker Set