Cobra Classic Car Racing Safety Seat

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Almost 50 years in continuous production and still going strong!

One of the first seats ever designed by Cobra in the 1960s, the Classic was one of the very first aftermarket seats ever marketed in the UK. Since those far off days, the technology may have changed and materials may have improved but the design of the seat remains quintessentially the same as it was when the Beatles ruled the airwaves!

  • The Classic is the original sports seat, providing ideal support and stripped down driving pleasure.
  • Its slim design means that it fits the majority of vehicles yet it provides a generous fit for the driver.
  • Historic fixed back competition and road seat.
  • Period styling with modern construction.
  • Tubular steel frame with base suspension diaphragm.
  • Optional head restraint facility.
  • Heavy duty standard vinyl upholstery in black.
  • ​Weight 6kg