CUBE Speed - Commodore T56 Short Shifter Suit VT VU VX VY VZ

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New for 2022. Our Commodore T56 short shifter (Premium), is simply the best short shifter for the VT, VU, XV, VY and VZ Commodore! Shift Yeah!

Drawing on our vast experience, in designing world class short shifters. Including invaluable expertise from our lead CAD designer (who started his career at Rolls Royce!). We have created, simply THE BEST short shifter for the T56 trans!

Features include

  • 40% shorter shifts
  • Direct, accurate and precise shifting
  • Incredibly defined “H” pattern shifter gate. You will always know which gear you are selecting. Never miss shift again!
  • Unique one piece lever. For addictive shifter feel and added strength
  • The best 3/4 shift gate centring, of any T56 short shifter.
  • Incredible 2nd to 3rd upshifts
  • Easy to adjust, shifter stop plates. Prevent accidental gearbox damage caused by over-shifting

Construction details include

  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 accredited manufacturer
  • Shifter housing machined from billet 6061 aircraft aluminium
  • One piece shifter lever, crafted from 1045 steel
  • Grade 10.9 or greater hardware
  • Pivot bush machined from billet POM
  • Super duty shifter centring springs

Comes with installation instructions and all hardware as pictured. Can be easily installed by enthusiasts with good mechanical knowledge and hand tools.

NOTE 1 – It is highly recommended to change the shifter cup bushing when installing a new shifter. The factory plastic bushes are often broken or worn and will give a very vague sloppy shift. CUBE Speed have high quality bronze bushes which are incredibly strong and will further improve shift feel.

NOTE 2 – CUBE Speed gear knob is not suitable for this shifter. This short shifter will accept the standard GMH/GM gear knob only.

A short history on this product.

We made our original T56 short shifter (version 1) for many years. It was highly successful in everything from mild street cars, right through to dedicated racers.

In 2022 we decided to do a complete re-design of our long serving T56 short shifter. During the development process, we engaged our inner most “shifter nerds” and drew on our many years of experience, in designing world class short shifters. Including the invaluable input of our exceptionally talented lead CAD designer (who started his career at Rolls Royce!).

The result is simply the best short shifter available for the T56 trans! Our T56 Premium short shifter will blow your mind, with its outstanding shift accuracy and feel.