CUBE Speed - RX7 short shifter suit series 6 (FD and FD3S) 1992-2002

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40% shorter shifter throw – solid and mechanical shifts. The CUBE Speed RX7 FD ( series 6) short shifter will transform your shifting experience!

Product Description

The CUBE Speed RX7 short shifter ( series 6, FD and FD3S),  is possibly the best improvement you could ever make to your Rotary!

Our famous RX7 short shifter has been completely revised in 2022. Our latest version combines over 10 years of knowledge and experience in making world beating products, to bring you the finest short shifter for your rotary monster.

Shifter throw is reduced by around 40%, for quicker shifts!

  1. Short, solid and mechanical shifts
  2. Insulated shifter lever, for a factory quiet ride
  3. Height adjustable. Adjust between stock height, or up to 20mm above stock.
  4. Extremely defined “H pattern” shift gate, for the most accurate shifts ever!
  5. Strong centring to the 3rd & 4th shift gate for incredible 2nd to 3rd upshifts.
  6. All new bushings

At CUBE, we have a reputation for outstanding service and quality products that are manufactured to both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002. With the value of your RX7 steadily increasing, why trust your shifting to anyone else other than CUBE Speed!

Brap Brap!

FITMENT -  Mazda 5 Speed RX7 Series 6 (FD and FD3S) 1992-2002