CUBE Speed - Short Shifter suit Mustang 1983-2004 with T5 or T45

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40% less shifter throw - solid and mechanical shifts. CUBE Speed Mustang T5 short shifter will transform your shifting experience! Our Mustang T5 and T45 Short Shifter will transform your shifting experience, with an intoxicating mechanical feel and reduced shifter throw of 40%. Before you know it, you will be shifting gears for the pure enjoyment of it. ....Shift Yeah! Our new for 2022 Mustang T5 and T45 short shifter, combines over 10 years of knowledge and experience in making world beating products.
  • Short, solid and mechanical shifts
  • 40% shorter shifter throw, for super quick shifts
  • 86% more - shift lever centring force, compared to stock
  • Easy to adjust, shifter stop plates. Help prevent accidental gearbox damage caused by over-shifting
  • Compact size, for easy fitment
  • Defined "H" pattern shift gate, for accurate gear selection
  • Virtually eliminates the chance of missing third gear
  • Adjustable shift knob height
  Quality construction features include
  • Main housing, CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminium
  • Machining tolerances down to 0.05mm for the most precise shifting and fitment possible
  • Chromed steel shifter shaft
  • Heavy duty pivot bushing
  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 accredited manufacturer
  • Comes with installation instructions and all hardware as pictured. Can be installed by enthusiasts with good mechanical knowledge and hand tools.
  It is highly recommended to change the shifter cup bushing when installing our new shifter as the factory plastic bushes are often broken or worn and will give a very vague sloppy shift. Available separately we have high strength bronze bushes which give a much more superior shift. Fits the following Mustang's with 5 speed transmission
  • Mustang 1983-2001 with V8
  • Mustang 1994-2004 with V6
  • Mustang 1987-1993 with 4cyl
  • Please Note The 2001 Mustang GT was available with two different transmissions. To find out which style transmission you have, check the data sticker located on the driver side door jamb. A "K" means the car came with a TR3650 and a "6" indicates a T45. This shifter works with the T45 or T5 transmission.