CUBE Speed - short shifter suit R31 Skyline Turbo MX7

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Our R31 Skyline Turbo short shifter – has a 35% shorter throw, solid mechanical feel & super accurate shifts. Shift Yeah! The CUBE Speed, R31 Skyline Turbo short shifter is the best improvement you could ever make to your ride! Shifter throw is reduced by around 35%, which equals quicker shifts!
  • Shorter and more precise shifts
  • Stock shifter height, location and gear knob thread pattern is retained
  • Perfect for fast road and track use
  Very high quality construction
  • Super strong chromed steel shifter shaft
  • Complete with all new heavy duty bushes (no need to purchase bushes separately)
  • Comes with everything shown in photo 2. Photo 1 is of shifter assembled on a gearbox
  Includes detailed fitting instructions with photos.
  • Can be installed by enthusiasts with basic mechanical knowledge and hand tool
In the design and development process of our R31 Skyline Turbo short shifter to suit the MX7 gearbox. We turned into total “shifter nerds”, to create the best driver experience.
All aspects where considered, not only reduced shifter throw, we also considered other super important elements such as shifter centring, accuracy of gear lever movement (both front to rear and side to side), all of which goes toward making the shifter gate as defined as possible, so you have no doubt of which gear you are in when you release the clutch (no chance of accidentally selecting reverse gear!)
  Fits Nissan Skyline R31 Turbo 5 Speed (MX7 gearbox)