FireSense 2.25lt Mechanical Fire System

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The FireSense 2.25 litre mechanical fire extinguisher system is a lightweight and compact system, using AR-AFFF suppressant this system is ideal for weight saving without compromising on performance.

Suitable for single seater race cars the bottle length is just 375.5mm including the firing trigger.

Includes everything required to install

This compact extinguisher system uses AR-AFFF as an extinguishant. This is a non toxic, environmentally friendly water based foam which has been tried and tested over many years for controlling vehicle fires in Motorsports. The system uses 4 nozzles to disperse the AR-AFFF, two for use in the engine bay and two for the cockpit.

Kit includes:

2.25 Litre Lightweight Alloy Bottle
2 x Mounting Bracket & Straps
2 x Pull Cables
4 x Nozzles
5.5m Tubing
Tube Connectors
Instruction Manual

Dimensions: Length (Inc Head) - 375.5mm, Diameter 127mm
Cylinder Weight: 3.70kg
Installation Kit Weight: 1.00kg

FIA Technical list 16 approved - FIA Homologation Number EX.050.18