Hicas Eliminator Kit Nissan

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Super Heavy Duty -  Hicas Eliminator Kit - Nissan

Newly Developed Kit!!

Made from High Quality CNC Machine Steel Alloy with High Quality Powder Coating!

Forged Ball Joint to increase strength

Erase that softness at high speed! Our kit provides that direct feel when you need car control and traction the most.

HICAS is Nissan’s active rear wheel steering system.

This eliminator kit replaces the rear HICAS steering rack, locking off the rear steering mechanism completely. This ensures that the car only steers when and where you want it to.


  • Nissan R32 Skyline GTST / GTR - Nissan R33 Skyline GTST / GTR - Nissan R34 Skyline GTT / GTR
  • Nissan S13 180sx/Silvia - Nissan S14 200sx - Nissan S15 200sx
  • Nissan A31 Cefiro - Nissan A33 Laurel - Nissan Z32 300ZX

Our HICAS Eliminator kit removes every piece of the flawed Nissan Hicas system, replacing it with fully adjustable, heavy duty rose jointed toe control arms, giving precise adjustment and confidence inspiring handling.

The kit removes the HICAS steering rack, the tie rods, the tie rod ends and the outer hub end ball joints, replacing them with: 

  • Kit including Toe rods, High Quality Forged Ball Joint, Brackets and Mounting Hardware
  • High Quality PolyBushes
  • Replaces Hicas Rear Steering on Hicas equipped Nissans
  • Improves Predictability of handling.
  • Eliminates weak or faulty standard components.