MOMO Prototipo Heritage Black Steering Wheel 350

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With over 50 years of experience producing performance accessories, MOMO goes back to its roots with the Heritage Line. With retro-inspired designs and exceptional quality, the Heritage Line connects MOMO’s past with today’s innovations to produce a state-of-the-art product for your classic sports car. The MOMO Prototipo Heritage is a classic-look wheel made with a combination of the finest modern materials giving it the perfect blend between old and new. Produced from high quality distressed black leather with white stitching for contrast, and black aluminium spokes with the MOMO Heritage glossy horn button, the MOMO Prototipo Heritage Black is the ultimate choice for those wishing to retain the character of their vehicle whilst refreshing the interior. Like all MOMO steering wheels the Heritage Prototipo Black is made in Italy from the highest quality materials. 

An aftermarket hub is required for installation.

Included Parts:
MOMO Steering Wheel, MOMO Horn Button (Round Lip) and MOMO Earthing Cable

*Please note: This steering wheel is not supplied with a horn button retaining ring and/or screws for installation.

  • Colour Black
  • Materials Distressed Leather
  • Spoke Finish Black
  • Horn Glossy Black MOMO stacked
  • Diameter 350mm
  • Dish 39mm
  • Grip Thickness 30x29mm