Nardi Personal TROPHY Steering Wheel Black Suede Red Stitching 350mm

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Nardi Personal Rally TROPHY Steering Wheel Black Suede Red Stitching 350mm

The Personal "Trophy" steering wheel has a black Suede hand grip, red stitching with red rally ring, anodized black spokes, red embroidered logo, and red Personal logo horn button.

Personal is the high-performance steering wheel. The finest material and sophisticated ergonomical design that give shape and performance to a winner. From the experience of the greatest Formula 1 champions for over twenty years till today, the comfortable and secure grip of a Personal steering wheel gives to all car driving and tuning enthusiasts the felling of holding victory in their hands


  • Spoke Color - Black
  • Grip - Black Suede
  • Stitch Color - Red
  • Horn Button Color - Red
  • Size - 350mm

*Please note the wheel is not supplied with Horn Retainer Ring or Alan Key bolts, as these are supplied with the 'Steering Boss Kit'. See links below:
1. Nardi Screw Set
2. Nardi Horn Retainer Ring