Nissan Suspension Rear Lower Control Arms

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Vehicle Applications

These arms are the perfect enhancement to your track or street car.

When lowering your car your wheels will start to butterfly inward at the top which makes your tires ride on the edge. This increases wear on your tires as the sidewalls are the weakest part of your tire. This also means that there is less tire on the ground which means loss of traction around turns. Our Rear Lower Control arms reduce camber so that more of your tire touches the ground, keep your tires from rubbing your fender and allow for a wider wheel and tire combination

Those who seek the most from their car know that in competition you need to extract every ounce of performance from your machine. 
Every degree of adjustment makes a big difference on your performance vehicle. 
Tas Autosport have the solution for all your track / road race needs. 
These rear lower control arms give you the strength to withstands the stresses and strains of hard cornering on a rough course. It also reduces brutal weight transfer and chassis flex.

These control arms are constructed of high-strength steel alloys that offer durability, strength and yet remain light-weight, these control arms have been track tested for months in road race, autocross and drift events to assure quality and performance.

  • Constructed of High-Strength Steel Alloy
  • Three-Stage Powder-coating Process with BLUE Finish.
  • Adjustable Length for Camber and Track-Width adjustment.
  • Allows for a wider Tire-Wheel combination.
  • Eliminates Soft-Rubber OEM Bushings.