SPA Extreme Novec Hand Held Fire Extinguisher 2kg

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SPA Extreme Novec Gas Hand Held Extinguisher - 2.0KG

A few advantages of the NovecTM 1230 Fluid versus other agents are:

-Great Fire out properties
-Non-Toxic - so safe for driver
-Non-Conductive - so it's safe on all electronics
-No residue or clean-up
-Zero Ozone depletion - m
aking it safe on the environment 

The FireSense Extreme 2.0kg Novec Handheld extinguishes fires in seconds and is FIA approved for National and International rallying.

The 2kg Handheld is filled with a highly effective, clean Novec gas extinguishant. Novec gas is capable of Extinguishing fires in seconds and is suitable for use on petrol, diesel, and bio-fuel fires.

Novec is a waterless fire suppressant it leaves no residue and is electrically non-conductive. comes complete with a mounting bracket and quick release straps.

  • Length:  391mm (Including the Firing Head)
  • Diameter:  108mm
  • Weight:  2.0Kg

Supplied with motorsport approved mounting bracket