Splitfire Direct Ignition Coil Packs - Nissan Skyline/Stagea/350Z VQ25/VQ35 (DIS-101)

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Splitfire Direct Ignition Coil Packs - Nissan Skyline/Stagea/350Z VQ25/VQ35 (DIS-101)


Splitfire Super Direct Ignition System for 03-06 Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35 with VQ35DE.

By replacing genuine coils with Splitfire coils, it gives a constant stable spark, enhances the combustion efficiency at higher revs.

SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System was developed to improve power of ignition system adopted in the domestic high power engine.

Splitfire Super Direct Ignition system”, increasing the number of turns of the coil to implement changes of turns ratio, supply a stable electrical energy at high pressure at all speed range to the spark plug it allows you to death, to prevent secondary voltage output reduction in the high speed range.
As a result, promote complete combustion and power & torque up, it can not be realized until the low fuel consumption. Moreover, the improvement in durability by changing the material, idling the engine start by adopting the low-voltage operating circuit, even under conditions leading to a voltage drop by exhibiting excellent startability, radio interference to the computer and to the audio It also will contribute to the noise reduction.

The further detailed analysis of the latest ignition system was conducted. The structure of coil pack adopted for each cylinder was drastically modified. It enables to provide a constant, stable voltage and complete combustion. Also it improves power, torque and combustion efficiency. Further the special circuit adopted for this unit helps to start engine at low voltage. It provides the excellent starting performance even at lower voltage. It also eliminates noise and RFI (Radio Frequency interference) for audio equipment because plug wires were eliminated. This ignition system is effective for not only normal cars but also hard tuned cars and brings out the pot

Splitfire Super Direct Ignition System improves spark performance on your motor. This is a newly developed ignition tuning system designed exclusively for each specific engine. Splitfire enhances the efficiency of combustion to bring more power and torque. This kit comes with replacement Splitfire coil packs.

It is suitable for a variety of stages such as Circuit and Drag racing or anywhere higher RPM is needed.

Vehicle Compatability:

  • - Nissan Skyline PV35/CPV35 VQ35DE
  • - Nissan Stagea PM35/PNM35 VQ35DE/VQ25DET