Surf City Garage Dash Away® Interior Detailer 8oz

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Surf City Garage Dash Away® Interior Detailer 8oz

Got a dirty carpet, dash, seat, floor, door panel…take a breath…console, leather, cloth or vinyl? Not anymore. No matter what kind of dirt you have or how long it’s been there, use Dash Away® Interior Detailer to make it all vanish in minutes. Yes, ALL of it. Dash Away is 100% safe for cleaning every surface and doesn’t leave greasy or oily residue anywhere. It also adds powerful UV ray protection to stop the sun from fading your interior surfaces. Keep this one spray in your detailing kit and get rid of any dirt anywhere, any time. Cleaning your interior has never been easier, so go clean it up with Dash Away.

Special Instructions

(1) Shake before use. (2) Mist on. Spray directly on materials. Do not saturate cloth upholstery. (3) Wipe dry. (4) For very stubborn stains, repeat and let Dash Away work for a few minutes before wiping dry.



Eric E. 


By far the best I have ever used!!

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This product not only cleaned away the dirt in my ride, it cleaned away dirt that no other product on the market would begin to touch. I cant personally attest to the claim of YEARS OF GRIME, as i own a 2014 Mustang GT and keep it very clean. This stuff really is the go to stuff for cleaning your ride.

BJB 714 


Works great.


Good cleaner. No residue, easy to apply and wipe off. I used a white cotton rag when I first used it. I was amazed at the dirt that was on the rag after cleaning just the front buckets and the dash.......and I pride myself on keeping the interior clean.No greasy residue, just a nice clean surface with a pleasant smell. I have yet to use it on carpet. It states in the description that it can be used as a spot remover on carpet. That will be my next experiment.Good stuff, either on vinyl or leather, I will buy again.