Surf City Garage Killer Chrome® All Metal Polish 16oz

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Surf City Garage Killer Chrome® All Metal Polish 16oz

If you’ve ever dealt with tarnished chrome, you know it’s ugly and hard to polish. Killer Chrome Perfect Polish makes it easy. As the most advanced metal polish money can buy, it creates a mirror finish on chrome, aluminum, stainless and even brass. This stuff is Enthusiast Grade® and can do it all. Its non-abrasive chemical formula means you can use it repeatedly to remove surface rust and oxidation with no fear of damage to your chrome or metal, unlike abrasive metal cleaners that can lead to expensive re-plating. It also works twice as fast as other polishes whether you apply it by hand or machine. Safely get rid of tarnish and get a killer mirror finish with Killer Chrome.

*Listing picture is for Illustration purpose only. supplied bottle is 16OZ

(1) Shake VIGOROUSLY for 1 minute (and often during use). (2) Apply a small amount of polish to a clean soft towel. (3) Using a circular motion, apply to surface. (4) Turn towel over and buff to a high gloss shine.



NICK CAPUTO on Sep 07, 2019


This polish work so good on my chrome rims..... they were starting to get discolored and funny kind of spots on them.... I used this polish to clean them all up before I put a ceramic coating on it and it made it SO BRIGHT and SHINY almost like brand new again... I was so glad that I used this before I put a ceramic coating on the wheels... this stuff is DEFINITELY a killer chrome polish... it works great ...I love it

Henry Brady on Jun 04, 2019


One of the best products I've ever used. I use this stuff pretty often, and not even just on my vehicle.



I just love this chrome cleaning, I use it on my stainless steel sinks, chrome in my shower and on all faucets. Oh and on all my chrome bumpers. So easy to use. Thanks guys.



Could not be more pleased with the results on my 2007 Vette wheels. But more than just that! As a Pinball enthusiast (I own 12 pins) you would not believe what it has done to the chrome coin door and other chrome parts on my machines! Outstanding!