Surf City Garage Nano Glaze™ Gloss Coat 16oz

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Surf City Garage Nano Glaze™ Gloss Coat 16oz

Is your ride freshly waxed and detailed, but you still want more? Amp up the shine with Nano Glaze Gloss Coat. Super easy to use, this hi-def synthetic hand glaze includes #1 Carnauba Wax and is safe for all clear coats. Use it for a smooth-as-glass finish in just minutes. It’s the ultimate shine amplifier. Put on your sunglasses and be careful not to blind others.

Special Instructions

(1) Shake vigorously before use. (2) Use in shade. Apply product to towel. Wipe onto surface of paint. (3) Continue until all product is removed. (4) Lightly buff to a brilliant gloss.



NICK CAPUTO on Apr 02, 2019


I love this and yes there are a lot of these things on the market that are a lot cheaper .....but is just like what everybody says "you get what you pay for". . this stuff does a shine on your car that is just UNBELIEVABLE. . when you use this , you can't even LOOK at your car in the sun and It leaves such a an UNBELIEVABLE finish shine and there is such a difference when I put this on my car you can't even look at it in direct sunlight and like I said there is a lot of this stuff on the market that doesn't cost this much..... but there's a reason why.... because this is TOP OF THE LINE....TOP SHELF PRODUCT and it is worth EVERY penny....I use this stuff all the time is the best clear coat protector/ glaze that I've ever used !!!!! EVER !!!!

JC on Jul 19, 2016


I bought this product to try it out on. A Titanim Flash colored vehicle. The results were fantastic.A. Mirror finish that stood out like no other glaze I have ever used. On a scale of 1-10...... Nano Glaze is an 11!

Realstl on Jun 27, 2016


a great product,easy to apply and remove with fantastic results,but why would you be surprised it SURF CITY GARAGE