Surf City Garage Nano Seal™ Protective Coat

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Surf City Garage Nano Seal™ Protective Coat

Unsealed pores in your paint, whether you can see them or not, cause major damage. They let Mother Nature walk right in and shorten the life of your paint. They also absorb light, which steals the shine from your car’s surface. Nano Seal is the best thing you can do for your car’s paint – period. It coats and seals every single pore for maximum protection, shine and reflectivity. The pores are filled and actually reflect light so you get a hi-gloss, hi-def shine that lasts unlike any other. There is no other product on the market that can offer the type of protection and award-winning gloss you get with Nano Seal. So just say no to Mother Nature and get a world-class shine at the same time.

Special Instructions

(1) Wash car. (2) Shake well. (3) Use in shade. Use circular motion to apply to painted surface of car with microfiber applicator pad. (4) Leave on at least 20 minutes. (5) Remove with clean towel. (6) Lightly buff by hand to a brilliant shine. Rehydrate if needed.



NIICK CAPUTO on Apr 02, 2019


I trust this product on my car and when I use it you can see the difference ...the other day I was putting this on my car and after I was done wiping it out brother passed by and he couldn't believe how shinny my car was... he asked me if i went to a professional shop to have it look like that and I showed him.... this is the only product that I put on it .....WOW....this stuff makes a difference .....this is like putting clear coat / polish and wax on all at once .....that's how much it makes your car shine's a little pricey but this is worth every penny and again there's a lot of stuff like this out on the market that's a lot cheaper... but it in NO WAY does it provide the protection/ the long-lasting effects that this one does.... it is worth every penny and I love it!!!!!


I have been detailing cars, boats, motorcycles for 30+ years. I purchased this product several years ago, along with the Nano Glaze. Wow! I was truly impressed with the results after using these products. I highly recommend these products to anyone who is looking for a truly exceptional shine. So easy to apply with lasting results. Surf City Garage - Simply the best car products on the market.