Surf City Garage Ultra-Last® High Gloss Tire Dressing

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Surf City Garage Ultra-Last® High Gloss Tire Dressing 16oz

Say good-bye to old, dull looking tires. Our Ultra-Last High Gloss Tire Dressing is an innovative water-based dressing that produces a deep, high gloss finish to revive your tires. The thick formulation provides a smooth, even application that won't sling or leave behind a greasy mess. The hydrophobic properties create a water resistant barrier, protecting your tires from rain, grime and damaging UV rays for months.

Special Instructions

(1) Clean tire to remove grime build-up. (2) Apply Ultra-Last on a clean, dry surface with applicator or clean towel. Allow product 1-2 minutes to penetrate for maximum gloss and protection. Wipe off excess with clean towel. To increase gloss, simply apply an additional coat.





Ultra-Last went above and beyond my expectations. Yet another great product from SCG. Holding the shine nicely even with driving through construction zones.