Surf City Garage Voodoo Blend® Leather Rejuvenator 8oz

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Surf City Garage Voodoo Blend® Leather Rejuvenator 8oz

There comes a day in every car owner’s life when they look at their leather seats and dream about the good old days... smooth surfaces, that new leather smell; seats that were once filled with such conditioned, supple life. Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator starts where conditioners end. It will not only clean and condition your leather interior, it will bring it back from the dead, and keep it there too. The finest beeswax combined with oil-replenishing lanolin rejuvenates your dry, cracked seats - even adding long-lasting waterproofing protection. “Can I use it on my vinyl?” you ask. Yeah, Voodoo Blend has your back... just like those newly rejuvenated seats you’ve missed so much.

Voodoo Blend Leather Rejuvenator contains high concentrations of natural lanolin that deeply penetrates your leather, restoring it to it’s original, supple condition. As nature’s best waterproofing agent; 100% pure natural beeswax provides long-lasting protection against the everyday wear of your car’s interior. Voodoo Blend also extends the life of your leather, saving you thousands in repair or replacement costs. 

Special Instructions

(1) Shake well. (2) Do Not Use on Suede! Apply to smooth leather or vinyl. (3) Rub in a circular motion and work into the surface. Use a soft bristle brush for hard-to-reach areas. (4) Wipe off excess cleaner. (5) Buff.




Hi folks, I'm a 52 year old Florida resident and truck enthusiast. I have a custom 2008 F-150 with an after market full grain leather interior. The leather was skinned in back around 2011 which is when I went in search of a leather conditioner better than the average. After a lot of testing various products and an exhaustive internet search reading reviews and watching videos, I discovered the Surf City VooDoo blend Leather Rejuvenator so gave it a try. I was amazed with the results and yes as others have said the leather smell of the product was awesome. I decided to use this rejuvenator as my primary go to conditioner. Now for the only con; I have noticed that when your working the product during humid weather conditions the product will thin some and sweat the thinner compounds out into your towel and on your seats. Just be sure to use a good leather or microfiber towel and work the product in slower with less at a time, even so this is really not a big issue. Now the pro; Well 7-8 years later living in Florida is proof positive it works. My seats still look brand new and smell brand new. If anything was to happen to this product and I could no longer buy it, I would truly be lost and afraid. I was not paid by Surf City to say this nor do I have any affiliation with them except I love their product. It works and has stood the test of time, great stuff Surf City thanks for keeping my seats alive. Hope this was helpful.


Really good product


I recently did my saddle bags for my bike. The bike and everything have been parked under my house for 4 years due to cancer. I'm all better now and ready to ride. All I did was clean them with Windex and then used your Voodoo Rejuvenate with a soft bristled tooth brush. The bags look brand new. They are soft and pliable again. Amazing product