Tas Autosport Hans Helmet Bag

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Our HANS helmet bag is the perfect companion for your helmet and HANS/FHR/Hybrid device. 
With additional room inside for any extra visors, balaclavas etc you may need to carry.
There is a zip around the top of the bag that expands the height of the bag for larger helmets and HANS devices.

The bag is constructed of thick nylon and neoprene which adds extra protection to your helmet, the Yellow base has a sturdy bottom for bag stability and has vent holes to give the helmet a certain amount air flow while in storage. If you storing a helmet after an event which is damp from sweat, then it is most advsiable to leave it out in a warm enviroment before you store the helmet, if you dont do this then it can cause bacteria build up and cause the lining to smell.

The bag has an upper grab handle and also comes with a shoulder carry strap.

  • Stylish design with embroidered TAS AUTOSPORT logo
  • Carries your helmet and HANS/FHR/Hybrid device
  • Manufactured in thick nylon and neopreme giving good protection
  • Expandable height for larger helmets and HANS devices
  • Vented base for airflow with a grab handle and shoulder carry strap
  • Two carry Handles, one on top and one on end, plus a shoulder strap