Terratrip 101 Plus Car Rally Computer

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The 101 Plus is a compact and lightweight rally computer which has been designed to be simple to use.
Using the latest graphical display on the single screen showing distance to four digits (up to 99.99) and two decimal places.
The display can easily be user calibrated to either miles or km and distance calibration can be set manually or automatically.
Main features are:

  • Full graphical display with larger, clearer figures
  • Dimmable backlight
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Distance Display –one distance up to 99.99
  • Automatic or Manual Calibration
  • Normal Terratrip features
  • Count up and down
  • Distance can be pre-set
  • Up to 2 probes can be fitted
  • Remote zero optional

Dimensions - 112 x 76 27mm. Weight - 115g


•Manual Or Automatic Calibration


•Distance Display Up To 99.99 Miles Or Km